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Michael Ray Continues to Burn Up the Singles Chart With “Think A Little Less” and Smoldering Music Video

 If a steamy music video is any indication of a hot single, it makes sense that Michael Ray’s “Think A Little Less” is Top 3 and climbing on country radio. The track, which boasts nearly 10 million streams on Spotify alone, follows Ray’s No. 1 smash hit “Kiss You In The Morning.”
The video premiered in January exclusively with CMT, and fans have responded to the sultry theme with three-quarters of a million views of “Think A Little Less” on YouTube in six weeks. It sits at No.


Rooting for Ray: Michael Ray Reflects on Traditional Roots as “Think A Little Less” Continues to Climb the Singles & Sales Charts

NASHVILLE, TN - (March 7, 2017) –As Michael Ray continues to make his impact on country music with his Top 5 and rising single “Think A Little Less,” which currently serves as the lead off song on Spotify’s Hot Country playlist, he continually looks to those country artists who have inspired him along the way. The breakout artist doesn’t just talk about his musical heroes: he puts the music where his heart is.
On his recent headlining “Think A Little Less Tour,” Ray paid homage with a stripped-down acoustic set featuring classic songs that have inspired him and laid the foundation of who he is


Michael Ray Takes Time to Think A Little More As “Think A Little Less” Approaches Top of Country Airplay Charts

As Michael Ray’s latest single “Think a Little Less” hits No. 3 the country airplay charts and approaches the top spot, the Atlantic Records / Warner Music Nashville artist is taking time to reflect on his experiences so far.
“I’m taking the time to really experience where we are,” said Ray, who was groomed in country history and Southern traditions playing in his grandfather’s band.


Michael Ray to Perform “Think A Little Less” on NBC’s Today January 24

Atlantic Records / Warner Music Nashville recording artist Michael Ray will ask audiences to “Think A Little Less” when he makes his TODAY debut on January 24. As the single moves this week into the Top 15 on country radio, it boasts eight consecutive weeks of increasing sales and over 6.2 million streams. “Think A Little Less” is the third single from his self-titled debut album that has already yielded the No. 1 smash, “Kiss You In The Morning.”
“Growing up watching Kathie Lee and The Today Show, it’s an honor to be asked to be on and perform ‘Think A Little Less,’” said Ray.



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