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Michael Ray



  • VIRGINIA TONIGHT.. : @kirstenbalani
  • We’ve got some amazing headlining shows coming up and as a reminder at every one of these shows we collect donations for local pet shelters! If you are planning on attending one of these upcoming shows, please show your support for The Wrigley Cares Foundation. Head over to my stories to see what they need most! 5/3 • Eagles Nest, Chesapeake, VA • @chesapeakehumane 5/4 • Power Plant Live, Baltimore, MD • @barcsanimal_shelter 5/5 • Prospectors, Mt. Laurel, NJ • Bergen County Protect and Rescue Foundation
  • Y’all make me smile : @kirstenbalani
  • This watch hasn’t worked in 10 years, but Amos wore it anyway, and it’s something I’ll definitely keep for the rest of my life. #AMOS
  • Recap of last weekend! Thank y’all for always showing up and showing out with us and making every night one for the books. Love you all,MR: @kirstenbalani
  • I love you all this much.! I spent my birthday weekend doing what I love and that’s playing music and being with you all! Thank you for making it so incredible and the best one yet! My heart is full and I’m ready to take on this new year! Much Love MR: @kirstenbalani

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