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Michael Ray



  • CAN'T WAIT to play the riverfront at #CMAfest on June 9th in support of the @CMAFoundation & music education! #itstartswithME #CMAFoundation
  • @kirstenbalani - Hey michael look upMe- Huh Kirsten - Got it haha.
  • Cheesing...
    Duluth, GA #stpatricksday #greensolocupparty @949thebull : @kirstenbalani
  • #wrigley #hiphopalbumcover #mixtapecomingsoon : @kirstenbalani
    #Georgia fam. Let’s do this. @949thebull #greensolocupparty tonight with @claredunnmusic @rileyduckman @danielleemusic. We’re filming. Wear your green dranking pants. #stpatricksday : @kirstenbalani
  • Happy 1st Birthday to this little Fella!! Noah you are the light of a lot of people's lives. Can't wait to watch you grow and see you discover Gods awesome plans for you buddy! The world is yours I'm honored to have a little piece in it. @bethbeselica & @andrewbeselica congrats on a successful first year of being new parents y'all are crushing it! Happy Birthday BuddyLove ya Uncle Michael
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