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Michael Ray



  • 3 years ago today I stepped foot on the most sacred stage in music for the first time. Playing the @opry was dream I had my whole life leading up to April 24, 2015 and every time I get the honor to step into the circle I feel the feelings of that day all over again. #opry
    NEW VIDEO! @rscountry.. thank you for premiering the video for one of the first songs we've released from #AMOS. This one's for the fans. I'll never be able to fully explain how grateful I am to you for showing up each night with the love and energy you throw at us on stage. It's why we do what we do. Check out #FanGirl [Link in bio]
  • Monday. : @allister_ann
  • “Ain’t nothing like a Tennessee Mt Top” ~ Kid Rock: @kirstenbalani @q100country
  • The preorder for my new album #AMOS is LIVE. We’re going to be rolling out a bunch of stuff between now and June 1 when it’s out, including songs off the album that you only get if you’ve preordered it. HERE WE GO. I’m so excited that you’re with me for this journey from day one and I can’t wait for you to hear these songs. Here’s to AMOS!
  • Story’s where it’s at tonight. #AMOS
  • When you’re trying to look cool but end up looking like you just told a 8 top their table is ready... @acmawards : @ jerseyjim1453 #jimwrightphotography @people #acmphotobooth #exclusive #latecaption
  • TOMORROW IS THE DAY..Pre Order “AMOS” 4/20
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