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  • Happy Thanksgiving from mine to yours! #thanksgiving #dabbingonthatdinner #grandma #family
  • thankful. #gettoyou
  • #sideeffectstour was one I will never forget! Canada you are beautiful thank you for showing up and singing every word! @dallassmithmusic thank you and for having us. Shout out to my crew without these fellas and the others not pictured I couldn't do what I do! @kawilkerson @andrewbeselica @jonsepulveda87 @lucaschamberlain @keepingup_withcarl @johnhweaver jordan and Griff (Geoff)
    Canada you were beautiful! @dallassmithmusic thank you for everything bro! #endoftourprank @laurenalaina #sideeffectstour // @kawilkerson
  • Look at this photograph.....@Nickelback honestly, Dark horse was a record that influenced me in a big way, thank you guys for making great albums!!! #sideeffectstour #dallassmith@__chad_kroeger__
  • almost the freakin weekend yall. See you on the Side Effects Tour //Rob Norris
  • Ok y'all I'm so pumped for my brother @chadmurray15 he has released his 1st book with multi time New York Times best selling author Heather Graham called American Drifter! They have put there heart into this and it's an incredible read! Go get your copy and follow the journey of this story now this is a book you can't and won't put down! #americandrifter
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