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    Sneak peak into '18...
  • gettin hype for tour to start up!! who’s ready? also.. caption this.
  • bring it 2018…
  • ❄️
  • What do you do when your pops is still in the hospital after having open heart surgery on New Year's Eve?....... you pack a car load of ppl and surprise him and bring in 2018 with your main man with a big whisper of "happy new year" when it strikes 12 midnight in the hospital! Thank you all for the positive vibes and prayers that you all have sent during this time! He is doing amazing and couldn't do it without y'all. Love you all and thank y'all for an incredible 2017 cant wait to see what we will do and build together in 2018! Pls be safe tonight. #happynewyear Much Love MR
    Thank you all for the good Vibes and Prayers you all sent. Dad is out and now on the road to recovery. Pls continue to send some more when you can as it's a long road. Thank you to Dr Cook and his team of Surgeons at Leesburg Regional for taking such great care of him! Wanted to post this video from a few weeks ago when Dad and my uncle came to #nashville and we had a late night #hankwilliamsjr jam! Looking forward to more of these. Much Love to each and everyone of you! MR#justthemusicandtheman #theconversation
  • Dad Since Day 1 you have had my 6 and I'll always have yours... please send good vibes and prayers to my pops has he goes into open heart surgery this morning. Love you all! MR
  • ☝more show... Ft. Myers, y’all ain’t ready.
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