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  • ready to jump into 2018 like…
    To every fan, venue, stagehand, member of my crew, management, booking, label and radio station that came out or played a part in making our #gettoyou tour such a great one. And for helping us provide over 150,000 meals for animals along the way: THANK YOU. We’re humbled and we won’t forget it. #wrigleycares #givn #tour
    O-H-I-O @the_bluestone #soldout #ohio
  • #ThisShirtSavesLives. So can you. I’m always proud to show support for the kids @stjude. Check out this awesome shirt and get your own:
  • So incredibly honored to be in the class of 2018 @crsofficial New Faces show with such incredible artist! Congrats to @midlandofficial @lukecombsmusic @carlypearce @laurenalaina . My family at country radio and @wmnashville you have changed my life and I will never be able to thank you all enough for believing in me! I love you all and can't wait to celebrate in Feb.
    @jonsepulveda87 #saddlebagssavannah
    Charlotte... y’all don’t play around. #gettoyou #hype
  • Get them VIP packages for the #gettoyou tour before they’re gone! [Link in bio]
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