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    We’re fired up to see y’all on the #GetToYou Tour. Grab VIP Packages for meet & greets and more! [Link in bio]
  • We’ll have meet & greets, acoustic performances, Q&A sessions, and a whole lot more out on the #GetToYou tour. Grab your VIP pass. Let’s do this! [Link in bio]
  • Are you ready for some football.... great seeing @brettyoungmusic and @maddiemarlow @monday_night_football last night!
  • GO @cubs #flythew @loudmouthgolf_hq #tbt
  • NACODGOCHES TX@banitacreekhall Tonight #GetToYou
  • Hey y'all I'm in Vegas with @musiciansoncall visiting the Victims and 1st responders from what happened at Route 91 last week. I want to show them that ppl all over are thinking of them. So I'm asking y'all to go to twitter and use the hashtag #love4vegas and send words of encouragement,love ,poems,song lyrics Or what ever God puts on your heart to share. Pls include where you are sending your love from. #love4vegasMuch Love MR
  • Welp Cubs won and Bill Murray sang 4 songs at the after party it was a pretty solid night! Thank you @cubs for having me. #flythew #cubs #billmurray
  • Can't wait to kick off the Ride or Die tour with my buddy @dustinlynchmusic and @lancomusic Fayetteville NC Nov/3rdAtlanta GA Nov/4th #rideordie
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