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    What a day…rocked Lakeshake, got a puppy…Chicago, when we gonna hang again?! : @dustbar
  • PRESALE TODAY for @thebig98 Guitar-B-Que Aug 23 w/ my boys @bretteldredge @thechrisjanson and @zdevin !!! Use code: WarnerMusic …all on sale tomorrow!!!!
  • Last Saturday we played @lakeshakefest in one of my favorite cities in the world Chicago. I walked out of my trailer to meet the awesome ppl of @pawschicago who were surrounded by the sweetest bunch of puppies up for adoption and I fell in love with this Beautiful blue eyed all white huskey/Shepard mix after hanging out with her all day I couldn't leave without her. So Fam I want you all to meet the new Member of the Family Lou's new sister WRIGLEY!!!!! Thank you @pawschicago for being so incredible and introducing me to this beauty. : @dustbar
  • See y'all Tomorrow Night House of Blues New Orleans with my friends @1011wnoe Summer Jam w/ @jrodfromoz @seth_ennis @morgancwallen #summerjam #neworleans #wnoe
    Summer is HERE!!! Gear up with some new swag! [Link in bio]
  • OHIO, CHICAGO, IOWA Thank you for an Unbelievable weekend. Till next time
  • One of the Coolest moments from last night @lakeshakefest #gocubsgo #worldseries #champs #chicago
  • @lakeshakefest
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