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Amos' Bible
My grandfather always had a bible by his bed, and he always kept one on the kitchen counter, too. There was never one very far away in the house. Faith was such a big part of his upbringing—we have always been a big faith-based family—and he passed that faith on to my dad and my uncle as they grew up. Every time I’m praying—talking to God—I feel closer to him.
Amos' Watch
This watch was something my grandfather, Amos, wore after his retirement from 50 years at the local phone company. He wore it all the time, including the night he went to the hospital for open heart surgery. I noticed it was still on his wrist and asked if he wanted me to hold it until he was out of surgery. He handed it to me and passed away a few months later. I’ve had it ever since. It hasn’t worked in 10 years, but he wore it anyway, and it’s something I’ll definitely keep for the rest of my life.
Amos' Photo
This shot is the perfect embodiment of who my grandfather was in one photo. We were big on family get-togethers, and any time there was a slight chance it could turn into a jam session, my grandfather – who would always travel with a guitar – would be the first one to break it out. This photo was from one of those front-yard jam sessions. He always made that face every time he played. It’s one of my favorite photos.
Amos' Cup
My grandfather was a ‘black coffee, straight’ kind of guy. He would drink coffee every day up until he decided it was late enough in the day to switch to root beer. When I was growing up, if I stayed there overnight, all I remember is waking up to the smell of coffee and him cooking breakfast.
Amos' Ash Tray
Back in the day when people used to carry cash, my grandfather always collected his leftover change in an ash tray by the bed. He’d just throw in the spare coins when he would change out of his work clothes; my dad and uncle ended up doing the same thing for as long as I can remember. It’s those simple reminders that to this day make me think of him.
Amos' Mirror
Before ever leaving the house – to go to church, out to dinner, or wherever – my grandfather would have us all check in the mirror one last time, as he took a lot of pride in a well-groomed appearance. It’s funny, looking back, his hair was always on point. That's the reason, I have a mirror by the door on our tour bus and at my home for that ‘last check,’ just like he would do.
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